• Huazhiyi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. corporate data
    Compared with the operating data of previous years, the total global business volume of the company in 2021 will increase by 40% month-on-month The TOP4 buyer countries and regions are: 1 United States 2 Canada 3 Russian Federation 4 UK Annual export volume increased by 60% month-on-month, making due contributions to trade globalization

About Us

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About Us


ShenYang Precision Work HuaZhiYi Machinery Company is a manufacturer that especially researches, develops, and products various general equipment. Our company is located in machinery production base in Shenyang of Liaoning. We have many branches in China. The company has been committed to research, development, promotion, and application of industrial automation equipment production technology. In the past 10 years, we have brought reliable and efficient automatic production and perfect automatic solutions to our industrial customers, which have improved their production efficiency and enhanced their market competitiveness.


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