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In the countless transformations and transformations, Huazhiyi Co., Ltd. has accumulated a lot and obtained more advanced processing technology and a new product service system through brand upgrades. Today, the Huazhiyi brand has become a leader in processing machinery, a pioneer of ideas, and continues to write a more brilliant chapter of the times.

The picture is the actual production picture of the factory


Centennial Dream

Do it without framing the future

Wings of China has always adhered to such a creed no matter the beginning of the enterprise - now - in the future

Be loyal to the company, be sincere to customers, be precise to products, and be strict to yourself

One year depends on luck, ten years on business, and one hundred years on faith

A company that sticks to its beliefs

It is a galloping horse with four hooves and a flying mane

Every muscle shows endless strength

towards the grassland, towards the distance

The future can be expected!


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