Multi functional grinding machine

Multi functional grinding machine


White Sugar Crusher Octagonal Cinnamon Toothed Plate Claw Type Seasoning Crusher Traditional Chinese Medicine Rhizome and Fritillaria Powder Small Pulverizer

The diversity of models, materials, and specifications of universal crushers is why the prices on this website are for reference. The specific actual price needs to be determined after communication between the customer and our company's relevant personnel. The actual product price is determined by the actual material and specifications used.

Purpose of the universal crusher: It is mainly suitable for crushing and processing medium to low hardness materials such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food (such as ginger, chili peppers, peppercorns, oilseeds, soybeans, star anise, cinnamon, and dried vegetables). The fineness can be adjusted between 30-150 mesh, with advantages such as high yield, fine particle size, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, and easy installation.

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