This month popular product debut! IBC drum agitator

This month popular product debut! IBC drum agitator


This month popular product debut!

IBC agitator mixer electric motor ibc tank mixer high power mixer for ibc tank

With higher work efficiency and more favorable prices to win customers praise, the new products are easy to use, strong, convenient and efficient

IBC agitator mixer

Foldable mixing blade, or folding propeller, Folding impellers, is a special designed mixing blade which allowed users to install a large diameter mixing impeller in a closed container from its small diameter lid or cover (like bulk tank, IBC tote, plastic drum etc) due to their unique collapsible blade design.

The opening of IBC barrel is small so large scale mixing paddle cannot be installed for mixing. With our folding mixers, sufficient agitation can now be accomplished in areas that were otherwise inaccessible to mixing equipment.

electric motor ibc tank mixer


Type (low speed)
With reducer
Voltage220v/380v/400v/415v,etc.(depends on clientes)
Frequency50HZ /60HZ
Throughput1000L(Which size to choose depends on the viscosity of the material)

ibc mixer high power mixer for ibc tank


Type(high speed)HZY-3KWHZY-4KWHZY-5.5KW
Speed 0~1450rpm  
Speed mode   Frequency control of motor speed
Voltage   3phase  200V/380V/400v/415V,etc.(It depends on the user)
Frequency       60HZ   
Weight 65kg 77kg 93kg
Throughput 1000L  

IBC agitator mixer


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IBC agitator mixer

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