Homogeneous emulsification tank reactor for laboratory use

Homogeneous emulsification tank reactor for laboratory use


Homogeneous emulsification tank, laboratory use, detergent mixer, electromechanical heating, stirring tank, fermentation tank, vacuum reaction kettle

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Product characteristics of mixing tank/reaction kettle:

1: Suitable for stirring, mixing, blending, and homogenizing powders and liquids, or liquids and liquids;

2: Design the structure and configuration according to the customer's production process requirements; More standardized and humanized;

3: During the mixing process, it can achieve feed control, discharge control, mixing control, and other manual and automatic controls;

4: Can be purchased separately or in sets according to the actual situation of the customer;

Huazhiyi Shenyang factory can process: reaction kettle, vacuum reaction kettle, condensation tank, fermentation tank, mixing tank, heating mixing tank, metering tank, ingredient tank, liquid mixing tank, mixing tank, evaporation tank, extraction tank, sedimentation tank, extraction tank, etc.Double layer reaction kettle

tainless steel reactor

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