Stainless steel liquid mixing tank

Stainless steel liquid mixing tank


Due to the diversity of reaction kettle/mixing tank models, materials, and specifications of the manufacturer's products, the prices on this website are for reference. The specific actual price needs to be determined after communication between the customer and our company's relevant personnel. The actual product price is determined by the actual material and specifications used.

The liquid mixing tank is customized according to customer requirements. Here is a brief introduction: it is composed of stainless steel tank body, stainless steel upper cover, mixer, support, transmission device, shaft sealing device, etc. The mixing tank body and cover can be connected by welding or flange sealing; We can open process pipe holes such as feed, discharge, sight glass, temperature measurement, liquid level, pressure measurement, steam fractionation, vent valve, etc. according to customer requirements. The cycloid reducer is driven by an electric motor, and then the agitator in the mixing tank is driven by a transmission shaft to fully mix the materials; Various forms such as atmospheric pressure flat cover, mechanical seal type, and labyrinth seal can be selected according to requirements. Due to different production processes of users, the mixer forms include: frame type, anchor type, paddle type, spiral type, high-speed dispersion plate, high shear emulsification type, etc;Liquid mixing tank

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