Stainless steel colloid mill packaging and shipping

Stainless steel colloid mill packaging and shipping


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The sesame paste colloid mill is composed of stainless steel and semi stainless steel colloid mills, and the basic principle is to move between the fixed teeth and the moving teeth at high speed. Except for motors and some components, all components in contact with materials in colloidal grinding products are made of stainless steel, especially the key dynamic and static grinding discs for strengthening treatment. Therefore, they have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, making the materials produced pollution-free, hygienic, and pure.

Working principle of sesame paste colloid mill: The colloid mill is driven by an electric motor through a belt to drive the rotating teeth (or rotor) and the matching fixed teeth (or stator) to rotate at high speed, with one rotating at high speed and the other stationary. The produced material is pressurized by its own weight or external pressure (which can be generated by the pump) to generate downward spiral impact force. When passing through the gap between the fixed and rotating teeth (the gap can be adjusted), it is subjected to significant shear force Physical effects such as friction, high-frequency vibration, and high-speed vortices effectively emulsify, disperse, homogenize, and crush materials, achieving the effect of fine crushing and emulsification of materials.Stainless steel colloid mill

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